How to download your multi-agency Credit Report

At Advantage, we recommend Check My File for your credit report. Their reports show information from all three credit reference agencies (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion), whereas others may only show information from one or two. Their reports give you and us a full picture of how lenders are likely to assess your application.

In order to obtain your report, click on the below link to get a 30 day free trial with CheckMyFile and download your report:

Try it free for 30 days. It’s £14.99 a month after the trial, but you can cancel at any point.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to download the report from Checkmyfile.

Tips: A couple of handy tips before we start!


The Device: Your mobile might work, but your computer definitely will. On that basis we advise to play it safe and use a computer rather than a mobile, when downloading your credit report.

The internet browser: we use Chrome for everything in the Advantage offices. If for whatever reason your browser isn’t downloading the report once you have followed the below steps, try a different browser.

Patience!: if you have only just signed up, you may not be able to access your report straight away. You may need to wait a short while or utilise the old IT secret weapon, logging out and back in again to get your report!

Here are our 7 steps to getting your credit report with CheckMyFile

    1. Login or Register:

      Login: If you already have an account with Checkmyfile.

      Register: If you don’t have an account, don’t worry. Scroll down on the page until you see the ‘Register’ button appear at the top. Click here. There you can enter your personal information, securely, in order to set up an account. You will need your card details handy when signing up for your credit report. This is because credit reference agencies need these to access your credit data and form your report. You will also need to answer security questions about some of your credit. For example, ‘who is your mortgage with?’.

    2. Download the report
      Once logged in, look for the FULL report. Scroll to the bottom to find the ‘Printable Version’.
      This is stage where it may not work on your mobile or you may need to wait or log out and then back in again to get the report!
    3. Getting into your report:
      Now you have downloaded your report you will need to open it. You will need to enter the password to open it, which is the DDMMYY format of your date of birth, then click submit.


  1. Storing the report
    Your full credit report will now appear within the browser window.
    Check that the report has ‘Downloadable/Printable Version’ at the top. This wording means that you have downloaded a FULL copy of your report rather than just a shortened summary.


    You now need to look for the download button in the browser window to store the report on your computer for now

  2. Provide us with your report.
    You can now upload the report to the client portal.
  3. Notification
    We will receive an email to let us know your credit report has arrived securely within the portal. We will email you to confirm this and to advise what’s next and when. If you don’t want a copy of your report hanging around on your computer, delete it off now.
  4. Your wallet
    Last but not least. If you feel you do not want the ongoing service from CheckmyFile ensure you cancel before the 30 day trial is up! You can cancel here


    You can do this by phoning CheckMyFile during office hours on 0800 086 9360 or by emailing. Or you can cancel online – just log in to your Credit Report, click on ‘Expert Help’ and ‘I need help with my account’, and then on ‘I’d like to stop my subscription’. If you were introduced to CheckMyFile by Advantage please note that we may receive disbursement from CheckMyFile.

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