First Time Buyer

If you’re a first time buyer you probably have a million questions, we get it.

There’s so much to learn and consider when all you really want is a place of your own. It’s never too early to engage with a broker, even if you know you can’t buy a property for a few years. There’s plenty you can be doing right now to prepare for your eventual purchase. Give Advantage a call – we’re always speaking to people aspiring to homeownership at every stage of the process.  We’ll answer all your questions so that you can get planning for your purchase and give you the peace of mind you’re looking for.

What are the questions you need answers to before you begin house hunting? 

  • When can I buy?
  • What’s my maximum purchase price?
  • What will the extra expenses like Stamp duty cost? 
  • Is my credit profile ok?

We will be able to answer these questions for you quickly. Then you’ll have no reasons not to crack on with your property hunt.

If you still need some more information, you can read our First Time Buyer FAQs here.


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