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Whether you’re looking to upsize or downsize you will always need to consider your mortgage.

You will be faced with a few options ranging from simply moving your current mortgage to the new property, known as ‘Porting’, or, if your dream property has become available, you may need a short term loan to enable you to buy the new property and not lose out before you have sold your existing property. This is called a ‘bridging’ loan.

Ideally you would move home when your mortgage is no longer subject to a hefty early repayment charge. If you aren’t tied into your mortgage by an early repayment charge, or if you’re nearing the end of the tie in period, you are in a very good position to move. This is because you have the ability to select an entirely new mortgage or of course stay with your existing lender, either way you’re not tied down by big fees.

Selling the property

Make sure you get the best possible price for your current property, as every little penny counts – we’re talking about large transactions here after all. The difference between a 1% estate agent fee and a 1.5% estate agent fee could be a large amount of money, so always do your research.

Below are some top tips when it comes to selling your property:

Choose the right estate agent

It’s advisable to get at least three independent valuations.

Be flexible

Work with the viewers for appointments.

First impressions count.

Increase the ‘kerb-appeal’ of your property.

Room size

It’s a bigger room than it looks!

Outdoor space

Use your outdoor space effectively.

Hold your ground

Be a tough negotiator

Buying the property

Ask as many questions as you can. There will be obvious things you want to ask as well as things you’ll probably wish you’d asked at the time.

We’ve compiled a list below which you might find useful:

Are you having many viewings?

Has the property had any offers?

 How long has it been for sale?

Do you have the electrical and gas inspection reports?

How long is the lease (if it has one)?

Are you aware of any disputes in with the neighbours?

Why are the sellers moving?

Have any renovations been undertaken?

When was the boiler last serviced?

Has the property been rewired?

If you’re looking at a flat, how much are service charges and ground rent?

How long has the seller lived here?

What’s included? (Furniture, fridge etc)

Are there any parking issues?

When was the chimney last swept?

Have there been any subsidence problems?

What’s the council tax band?

Has anyone ever been murdered here?

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