Life Insurance FAQs

What is life insurance?

Life Insurance helps to financially protect your family and loved ones in the event of your death. Most Life Insurance pays out a cash lump sum if you were to die or become terminally ill, which can then be used to secure the financial futures of those you leave behind.

A typical example is having a lump sum based on any outstanding mortgage, so that if you were to pass away your living partner and/or children can remain in the family home comfortably.

Do I need life insurance?

Only you will really know your full financial situation and if you need life insurance to secure any financial arrangements after you are gone. Its important to assess if you have a partner or dependents who rely on you financially, and what may happen if you were no longer there to provide that financial support.

 We appreciate that death is a very sensitive subject that many people don’t want to discuss, but making sure that your family is fully protected in the event of something unexpected happening can bring a great peace of mind also.

Will my life insurance premiums change?

In vast majority of cases, once you have agreed your policy and its set up, your premiums will only change if you need to update your policy.

How do I get a life insurance quote?

Book in with one of our trained life insurance specialists, and we will be able to take all of your information and provide you with a number of options best suited to your individual needs. 

How much is a typical life insurance policy?

The cost of your policy will be dependent on many factors, including any previous or current health conditions. 

 A history of smoking for example, this can significantly increase the cost of any life insurance cover due to the well documented risk of death.

How will you use my details for my life insurance application?

We will take all of your relevant information and process it only for the use of your life insurance application, to make sure that whatever policies we offer are right for you.. We understand that discussing your health can be uncomfortable, and we can assure you that your information will be safe with us and not shared in any way outside of your application.

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