Mortgage agreement in principle declined?

by | Nov 19, 2021

Have you had a mortgage agreement in principle declined? DId you get an initial ‘yes’ which later turned into a ‘no’?

Would you like to know why? There are all sorts of reasons, but the most common reason is because documents were not assessed before hand.

This week I have spoken to 4 clients whose journey to get their agreement principle went like this:


-Spoke to a mortgage adviser

-Discussed their income, outgoings and how much they spend on bread and milk.

-Were provided a certificate of the mortgage amount available to them.

-Went to find a property.

-Got an offer accepted.

-Full mortgage application submitted

-The mortgage available dropped by thousands of pounds.

-Client pulled out of property as the mortgage was no longer viable.


Unless your income proofs, bank statements and credit report has been assessed there is no way a mortgage adviser can be confident that you will get the mortgage amount discussed.

Lenders only agree full mortgage applications mortgages based on documents. There is little point obtaining an agreement in principle unless it is based on your documents. You might get an initial ‘yes’ but that could easily turn into a ‘no’ later.

Even spellings and formats of names and addresses are enough for an agreement in principle approval turning into a decline at full application.

Fortunately we were able to rescue these customers’ mortages so that they could buy new properties. Here are some insider tips on how we do this:

-A link to our customer journey which outlines everything we believe should be done to avoid an initial ‘yes’ from a lender, turning into a disappointing ‘no’ later.

-A list of the documents which should ideally be checked as early into your mortgage journey as possible.

If you have had an agreement in principle declined you can reach us on:


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